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Friend of the blog, C, came over this afternoon and we grubbed mightily on some sandwiches at a local place before a rest and then a big workout. I completed Week 6 tonight, which required me to run for 22 minutes. I wasn’t too worried. I had run 20 minutes before, what’s two more minutes?


Around minute 6, I got a stitch in my side. Nothing severe. I kept running until the halfway mark – 11 minutes. Just under that is when I stopped, actually. I jumped off and bent over to catch my breath. Took a sip of water, paused my app so I could keep the run true to what it should be, and then I got back on to finish it off.

It was a freaking battle. I almost got off three or four times. Each time I scolded myself for wimping out and I kept running. Because I had paused my app but not the treadmill, the time was off so I wasn’t sure what my stop time would be until there was a minute left. I watched pretty much every second tick by and the second the app told me to start my cool down, I jumped off, grabbed my keys, and ran into the bathroom to throw up.

Y’all, I threw up. THAT WAS A GREAT RUN! I mean, I threw up but that was a great run. Then I had a good stretch with good friends on a beautiful evening by the pool. It was awesome.

But man, tonight was humbling.


I was nervous when I went to the gym today. I’m nervous when I start a new week because of the challenges it presents. Today I was on the third day of Week 5, and I was so nervous that I thought maybe I’d throw up before I even started running. Why was I so nervous? Because today was the first real challenge: a twenty minute run.

I’m a baby runner and a fat baby runner at that, so I’m slow and kind of awkward but when I passed the halfway mark, I started to see pieces coming together. I caught myself slacking, losing my form, not focusing a few times, but for the most part, I felt like I unlocked something. Something that got me through the end. Something that pushed me to run for 20 minutes.

I ran for twenty minutes.