where fat and exercise go hand in hand

Fatcersize was borne out of the frustration of two women who were searching for fitness tips and instead found calories, diets, and thigh gaps galore. There are very few resources that are focused solely on movement and strength (if there are actually ANY that don’t also mention counting/reducing calories, restrictive eating, or the size of your pants, please let us know!) and too many that focus on the things neither of us wanted to see.

This is a new venture for us, so I want to be sure everyone understands: we are not doctors, personal trainers, or fitness experts. We’re two ordinary women who want to focus on making our bodies more functional, and who want to give other fat exercisers some hope, advice, or resources. Or at least a place to visit and see what some other exercising fatties are doing.

What this blog isn’t

This is not a blog for discussing diets, calories, restrictions, or weight loss. This is not a place for bashing bodies of any size. This is not a place for discouragement or judgement.

What this blog is

This is a blog for discovering new fitness routines that work with your body, lifestyle, and personality. This is a place for encouragement, open discussion, loving our bodies no matter the shape, size, or ability.

We are not medical experts or fitness instructors. We can give you some advice but we cannot advise on medical conditions, serious pain you’re experiencing, or whether or not your body can handle certain exercises. It is important to listen to your body, to know your limitations, and to work according to these things. Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise regiment, particularly intense ones, and contact them if you have experience any injuries.


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